Chickenpox Vaccine

Chickenpox vaccine in london

Varicella zoster is the virus that causes chickenpox. It’s mostly preventable through vaccination. Chickenpox vaccines, however, are not included in the regular childhood vaccination schedule. Individuals in contact with vulnerable people are currently the only ones who can receive this treatment on the NHS. The chickenpox vaccine in London is available at Macks Pharmacy.

The chickenpox vaccine is currently available in two forms. There is VARIVAX as well as VARILRIX.

Who is at risk of catching chickenpox?

Children normally contract chickenpox when they are young; however, there are rare complications of the infection. Chickenpox immunity develops almost immediately after infection, so most children only contract the disease once. As an adult, the disease is considerably more serious.

The risk of severe complications from chickenpox, however, varies considerably depending on the group of individuals. This includes:

  • Those with weak immune systems due to illnesses like HIV, or those undergoing chemotherapy
  • If a pregnant woman exposes herself to chickenpox, the baby may suffer severe consequences. The baby can develop serious health complications as well as serious birth defects.
Chickenpox vaccine in london

Who is eligible for the chickenpox vaccine in London?

There are certain individuals who should receive the chickenpox vaccine, including:

  • Health care providers who are non-immune
  • Those who live with or are close to someone with a weakened immune system. In this way, anyone who may be at risk will be less likely to catch the infection. The chickenpox vaccine should be given to non-immune children near you if you’re undergoing chemotherapy.

In what way does the chickenpox vaccine work?

Chickenpox vaccines are live vaccines. Therefore, it contains a tiny amount of weakened chickenpox-causing virus. The vaccine stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, which provide protection.

How chickenpox vaccines are administered

In most cases, you can get the vaccine in two separate injections 4 to 8 weeks apart on the upper arm.

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