COVID-19 PCR Fit to Fly Testing

PCR Fit to fly test in London

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests are used to diagnose people with an active infection (anyone infected with COVID-19). Covid-19 PCR Fit to Fly test in London is now available at Macks Pharmacy.

Detecting antibodies produced by the body’s immune system is the goal of antibody tests. This is an indication of a previous infection or an effect of the virus. In contrast, PCR tests analyse the DNA of the virus, especially its RNA fragments. As a result, they are used to detect an existing infection.

The Process involved in a PCR Fit to Fly test in London

In addition to being simple, the Covid-19 PCR Test Fit To Fly test is also effective.  This test takes just a few minutes to complete.

Two swabs are taken during sample collection:

  • Swabbing the oropharynx (the area of the throat and tonsils)
  • Swabs of the nasopharynx (involving both nostrils).

At Macks Pharmacy you can get a sample taken by our COVID-19 Response team. Moreover, we will assist with the registration of the test kit so that the test certificate can be obtained.

Patient information is included on the certificate, as well as the date and time the test was conducted. You will receive your certificate via email as soon as your results are out.

Test kits from our pharmacy are not only approved by the government but our swab tests are also performed by UKAS and ISO-accredited laboratories.

PCR Fit to fly test in london

When should you order your Fit to Fly Test?

It’s recommended to order your test before your travel date to ensure you receive your sample on time. You will be able to receive your fit-to-fly certificate as well as results prior to your travel date.

When should you take a swab sample?

There are various time window conditions depending on your destination. Hence, you should confirm with your airline within 48, 72, or 96 hours prior to departing.

Get in touch with Macks Pharmacy today for an accredited and timely PCR Fit to Fly test in London.