Period Delay

Period delay in London

Period delay is when a woman decides to postpone her monthly period for one reason or the other. A period delay tablet called Norethisterone sometimes is used for this function. If you want to delay your period in advance of a wedding, a holiday, or a party, get in touch with Macks Pharmacy for the period delay in London.

What’s a normal menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cycles typically begin on the first day of a period and end the day before the following period. Oestrogen levels increase in the first half of the cycle. Consequently, the lining of the womb thickens in preparation for pregnancy.
The menstrual cycle reaches its midpoint 10 to 16 days following menstruation. The ovaries release an egg during ovulation. Women are most fertile during this time.

As the cycle progresses, progesterone levels increase. In preparation for the possible implantation of an egg, the hormone prepares the womb. As a result of the drop in progesterone levels, the womb’s lining sheds since there was no egg fertilisation. This leads to periods or menstruation. Menstruation normally lasts for 21 to 40 days.

How does the period delay pill in London work?

Pills that delay periods mimic progesterone, the female hormone. This ensures that progesterone levels are high, hence stopping the wombs’ lining from breaking, leading to period delay.

Period delay in london

For how long can you delay your period?

The Norethisterone tablet has the ability to delay periods for up to about 17 days. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take the tablet 3 days prior to your normal period date.

Can I use a period delay tablet in London when still using contraceptives?

No. It’s not advisable to take a period delay tablet while taking a combined pill. Instead, you can take 2 packets of the combined pill consecutively. You should note that this method may cause side effects such as bleeding, bloating, and spotting. You should consult your GP or pharmacist before trying this technique.

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