Impetigo treatment in London

Impetigo is an infection of the skin. Despite its contagious nature, it usually does not cause serious illness. The symptoms usually disappear within 7 to 10 days after treatment is begun. Despite being common in children, impetigo can affect anyone. Visit Macks Pharmacy for Impetigo treatment in London if you or your child are suffering from the condition.

Impetigo symptoms

An impetigo flare-up is characterised by red blisters or sores. On the other hand, brown and black skin may not show the redness clearly.

Burst blisters and sores often leave golden-brown crusts behind.

The patches can:

  • Look like cornflakes stuck to your skin
  • Get enlarged
  • Spread to other parts of the body
  • Be itchy
  • Sometimes be painful

Contact a health officer if you or your child:

  • Has impetigo
  • Underwent treatment but there are some changes to your symptoms
  • Had recurring impetigo

A very infectious disease, impetigo is very contagious. If you notice any symptoms of the disease, see your physician or pharmacist as soon as possible.

Impetigo Treatment in London

We will prescribe either antibiotic cream or antibiotic pills to expedite your recovery. If you prefer not to take antibiotics, we may prescribe a non-antibiotic cream.

Impetigo treatment in London

Can Impetigo be stopped from spreading?

Infected individuals easily spread impetigo to their surrounding areas until it no longer causes infection.

It’s no longer infectious:

  • Within 48 hours of taking the prescribed medicine
  • As soon as the patches start to crust over (in case you do not get treatment)

While impetigo is still contagious, the following steps should be taken to prevent it from spreading or worsening:

  • Do not attend school or work
  • Keep blisters, sores and crusty patches dry and clean
  • Ensure you cover sores using gauze bandages or loose clothing
  • Clean your hands regularly
  • Wash towels, flannels, and sheets using hot water

How to avoid impetigo

Impetigo usually affects the skin that’s already damaged.

You can prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your body and to others by doing the following:

  • Keep bruises, cuts, and insect bites clean – for example, wash them with warm water
  • Seek medical advice for skin conditions, such as eczema

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